Grrrly Beer, etc. (No Comments)

We received a package from Norther Brewer last night with the ingredients for our next two beers and some honey for another batch of mead. So this weekend we’ll be brewing Cindy’s batch of Girlie Beer. Cindy was inspired by Lindemans Framboise Raspberry Lambic and developed a Raspberry Wheat recipe of her own which should be similar.

I ordered supplies for a strong IPA, I’m hoping for slightly more than 8% ABV and a stong hoppy nose. I’ll be attempting to dry hop again, hopefully this batch won;t be quite as bitter as the last one when the dry hopping went a bit wrong. I’ll be using some mixture of Amarillo, Cascade, and Northern Brewer Hops.

That brings me to my next point, I’m going to add a recipe page to this blog. I’m still working on a good layout for the recipes, but I generally like the look of pages created at Of course I’ll post an announcement with all sorts of technical gibberish once I’ve complete the pages. Also, if anyone has a favorite recipe generator/calculator (free is preferred) that outputs xml or attractive html I’d love to hear about it. Either post a comment or email me.

– Chris

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