The Grrrl beer and the wort (No Comments)

The first few batches of beer are difficult. You are completely afraid it is going to taste like crap because of something YOU did. Be it contamination or bad ingredient choice it just seems to be the general feeling with the first beer and sometimes when trying new styles. I thought I was past this because ‘we’ have brewed so many batches. Well…. turns out this one was different because it was mine. So rather than being able to relax I panicked; asking Chris questions about every single ingredient. We made a few changes, but I’m pretty sure they are all for the best.

 I wanted to put rose hips in the grrrl beer because I thought they would make it floral and citrusy (like rose tea). I decided to make sure my assumption was right and made a tea out of some of the hips. The tea smelled like bacon and tasted like bacon, citrusy bacon, but bacon. Either way it is not a flavor I wanted in this beer. So we took them out of the recipe. In the end, we went with what will be much more of a traditional belgian wit until we add raspberry to it when it is in the secondary fermenter.

As we had never made a fruit beer we were having problems figuring out the hops additions– to few and it isn’t really beer at all;too many and it is disgusting. We ended up supplimenting the hops I had ordered (because of their extremely low alpha acid content) with some hops which were leftover from the previous batch. The beer should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 IBU which should be acceptable for a fruit beer.

I am excited that we have chosen what I think may be the perfect yeast for grrrl beer. I have to admit I bought it mainly for its name, “forbidden fruit”, it just seemed to fit. 

— Cindy

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