Raspberry Addition (No Comments)

We transferred the grrrl beer. The ‘forbidden fruit’ yeast is amazing! Even before the fruit addition the beer had a wonderful fruity flavor and smell. We added the raspberry puree to the secondary and then put the beer on top of it. After the fruit addition the beer had a definate raspberry flavor, but I think I want it to be stronger. I am going to give it a few days and then taste the beer again, if I still think it needs it we may add another can of puree  (we had only added one to begin with).  During this process, we noticed that we forgot to take into account the additional liquid volume. Luckily we happen to have a few tankards and filled one with the (extra) beer (sans raspberry) and made the addition of a little agave nectar. So in a week or two we will have two liters of agave wheat in addition to everything else.

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