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Grrrly Beer, etc. (No Comments)

We received a package from Norther Brewer last night with the ingredients for our next two beers and some honey for another batch of mead. So this weekend we’ll be brewing Cindy’s batch of Girlie Beer. Cindy was inspired by Lindemans Framboise Raspberry Lambic and developed a Raspberry Wheat recipe of her own which should be similar.

I ordered supplies for a strong IPA, I’m hoping for slightly more than 8% ABV and a stong hoppy nose. I’ll be attempting to dry hop again, hopefully this batch won;t be quite as bitter as the last one when the dry hopping went a bit wrong. I’ll be using some mixture of Amarillo, Cascade, and Northern Brewer Hops.

That brings me to my next point, I’m going to add a recipe page to this blog. I’m still working on a good layout for the recipes, but I generally like the look of pages created at Of course I’ll post an announcement with all sorts of technical gibberish once I’ve complete the pages. Also, if anyone has a favorite recipe generator/calculator (free is preferred) that outputs xml or attractive html I’d love to hear about it. Either post a comment or email me.

– Chris

“We’re homebrewers” (1 Comment)

Lately we have been getting estimates for some work we want to do on the house. This means that we have strangers who come through the house when they are giving us quotes. More than one has noticed the excessive number of beer bottles in the kitchen (probably somewhere 30+ and we have about 6 wine bottles as well), the room in the basement with a large sign that says ‘BEER’ which has about 150+ beers in it, and other various signs which would make them think that either we have been on a bender or that we just had a party. They dont say anything, but rather stare every now and then at Chris and I with a look of awe for ‘how the hell do you drink all of that and not have a beer gut?'(ok, really who ever thinks like that!) or a sad ‘you must be drownin’ your sorrows’ look. When we notice this we usually give them the disclaimer “we’re homebrewers”.  Today, we forgot and after the guy left we looked around and thought–  as the house was in a bit of disarray from the holiday I am guessing he must have assumed that we had a party (I have never been thankful for a mess before). But such is the story of living with homebrew: sometimes you feel like an artist and sometimes you feel like you are making moonshine in your bathtub.

— Cindy

The First Tasting (No Comments)

Cindy and I had the first taste of our two new lagers this weekend.

The Munich Style Lager was excellent. The maltiness was just right, but it could probably have a slightly hoppier nose. It has very few esthery flavors from the yeast and a light mouthfeel. Definitely a successful first attempt at a lager.

The Schwarzbier was also good, but could probably use another week or two in the bottle to complete its carbonation. It had a nice roastiness and few esthers, but the mouthfeel was a little thick for a black lager. It will be better in a week or two, but on our next attempt I will probably try to make the beer thinner without affecting the color or flavor.

– Chris