Mead and Hops (No Comments)

Another weekend of brewing. I transferred the IPA, which isn’t nearly as bitter as I had hoped. My calculations suggested 50 IBU’s but it tastes more like 35. The hop aroma from dry hopping was great, hopefully it remains now that I have moved the beer off the hops. After week or two of settling I’ll bottle it. We’re a bit busy this weekend, so it will probably happen next weekend.

I also started another batch of Agave Mead this weekend. My last batch turned out really well, so I decided to try it again. This time I’m going to make it sparkling on purpose, which should lend a dry character to it. I made a 2 liter starter for it and I was hoping to titrate all the water off and just pitch the yeast slurry, but I guess I should have started it earlier because not much of the yeast had settled out. I removed about a liter and pitched the rest. We’ll see how it goes. Oh, and I used my wort aerator for the first time, hopefully that will help.

– Chris

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