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I had expected something entirely different from the raspberry beer. Silly me, I forgot that raspberries are not the saccharine sweet thing you find in pastry or ice cream topping unless a large amount of sugar is added to them, something which would surely ferment out of the beer. So what we have ended up with (pre-carbonation) is a wheat beer that has a wonderful raspberry aroma and is a bit sour. However, as it is a common practice to serve wheat beer with a sour accompaniment such as a lemon or orange wedge, this is not unpleasant.

As happens often, you taste the beer and think, ‘this could be better’. I am thinking that next time I might add an additional sweet fruit such as peaches, but doing so this time could have led the beer to disaster. So it is getting bottled as is. Honestly, it is still better than most of the commercial raspberry beers I have had due to a few key factors: 1) we used raspberry puree *not* extract, extract is evil and tastes nothing like fresh raspberries. 2) the yeast strain we chose is perfect. 3) the belgian wit provided a fantastic background for a raspberry beer. So I am trying to be more proud of the things that were well chosen than I am upset about forgetting that raspberries are sour. But this may take a few beers…..

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    1. Fu-Matthew May 21st, 2007 at 2:57 pm

      “But this may take a few beers…”

      And oddly enough, you just so happen to have some on hand.


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