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Beer Batteries!! (No Comments)

Finally there is a use for that *other beer*. (Other than cooking with them of course…) A study at university of Queensland found microbes which create power when eating brewery waste water.

Air Conditioning (No Comments)

We had workmen installing air conditioning for the last two days. The company we went with, Lakewood Furnace, was great. They were very nice, talked us through everything they were going to do, etc. I even gave them some beer when they left. I am very happy with their work and would recommend them to others.

Now to the nasty business of asbestos removal. We hired a company called Residential Asbestos to remove the old heating ducts. I met with the owner for an estimate, he seemed competent and the estimate was right in the range I expected. He even had a working relationship with Lakewood Furnace, so it was rather easy to schedule them both for the same day. We arranged to have the asbestos removal guys come in Monday at 8 AM and Lakewood Furnace to come in at 10:30.

Monday morning came, but the guys from Residential Asbestos didn’t. I waited patiently until 9 AM, then left message at their office and on the owner’s cell phone. I was annoyed, Cindy was upset. At 9:30, Cindy called Lakewood Furnace to inform them of the situation, they were very surprised and had never had problems with this company before. They called Residential Asbestos and left message as well. Around 10:00 we finally received a call from Residential Asbestos, apparently they had forgotten to put us on their schedule and we rescheduled for Tuesday morning.

Cindy was more than a little upset. She had taken Monday off to get this done and it may have just become a waste of time, and the AC install could now take part of Wednesday as well. Fortunately, the Lakewood Furnace guys were able to come out and do some of the work even with the old ducts in place. They placed the AC unit outside, ran electric, ran the condenser line, and cut the hole for the new vent. This allowed them to finish the job on Tuesday, which was much appreciated by us.

Tuesday morning came and the Residential Asbestos guys were on time, even a little early. The owner was not with the removal guys. They introduced themselves and went right to work, although neither was particularly professional in their demeanor. The owner showed up about 20 minutes later, talked to us a few minutes and gave us the invoice. He was obviously interested in getting the money then, although he said we could pay his guys when they finished. That bothered me on two fronts: First – payment is generally only made after work is complete. Second – giving a check to his workers shouldn’t be treated like a hassle to him. Anyway, I paid the man and he promptly left.

The work was completed rather quickly, and they did a fine job of removing all of the asbestos. A few minutes after they left the Lakewood Furnace guys showed up to finish the AC installation. Around lunch time I went down to see how it was going and the guy pointed out that the asbestos removal guys had broken our BEER sign. He asked if they had told us, and of course they hadn’t. The sign itself isn’t particularly special, it is a bit fragile, and it was precariously hung on a door, so I am not surprised that it was broken. But, after everything else with Residential Asbestos, I was finally pissed off enough to write this giant post. Lakewood Furnace finished up early on Tuesday and everything looks beautiful and shiny.

No beer was harmed in the process of installing Air Conditioning. We moved the active fermentors upstairs so that they would not collect dust or otherwise be in the way.

– Chris