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Hands free beer device!! (1 Comment)

 There are days that I wish I could do a little more of that domestic stuff. Recently I tried to make curtains and shouted the f-word no less than 52 times. My mom in an attempt to teach me to use the machine took a sharpie to it and labelled each and every knob. I am pretty sure that despite this I am a hopeless seamstress. I had never intended to touch the machine again until chris sent me a picture of this.


Now I am pretty sure I am going to have to learn to sew such that all of our shirts can have a beer pocket. I could probably do less work and put it on a pair of pants but that……might……..look…………funny– especially if it is located front and center. Yup better stay with the shirt.

Glassware (No Comments)

We just got some new beer tasting glasses from my parents. Which is good because at the moment we have probably about a dozen kinds of beer (6 recent and somewhere near 6 in the Harley’s Special Reserve section) and drinking a whole one of each of the beers would be bad. And speaking of beer tasting– we have one coming up, email us for details.

More Bottling (No Comments)

We finally bottled the Wheat Beer last night, which makes for my 6th batch so far this year, 4 of which have been in the last 2 months. I think we’ll have plenty of beer to get us through the summer. For now, I’ll be taking a break from brewing until August, which seems surprisingly close. Once August comes, I’ll have to start planning batches and brewing for our Annual Halloween party: Beer and Boo’s.

I’m a little disappointed with the wheat beer this time around. I was hoping for some very strong banana esthers from the yeast, but they just aren’t there. I’ve used this yeast before with great results, so I’m not exactly sure what has changed. Aside from that it’s a decent beer, perhaps a little too sweet but it will probably mellow with age and carbonation. I won’t make a final judgment until after it’s carbonated, but I think I will skip the Crystal Malt in my next batch and use at least a pound of Flaked Wheat to help the texture. I used only wheat extract in this batch hoping that it wouldn’t bubble over, but that happened anyway 🙂

We also transferred or latest batch of Agave Mead last night. It still has a gravity of 1.040, but it’s still bubbling pretty well so that should come down to 1.020 in the next 6 weeks. It’s definitely taking its time to ferment, but that seems to be the case with all of my batches of Mead. I think I am going to make this a sparkling mead when the time comes, but we won’t be bottling it for at least a few months.

– Chris

Travelling and Tasting (No Comments)

It has been a little while since I updated, but that is mostly because I was in Germany last week. It was a short trip, but I drank plenty of beer and even a radler. A radler is a mixture of beer and lemon-lime soda. It’s very sweet and tastes pretty good, although I wouldn’t normally recommend it over beer. I drank to experience it an because I had already had a litre of 9% abv beer that night. It was a dark beer called ritterbock and it was wonderfully malty without being thick.

We’ve finally tasted the beers we bottle a few weeks ago. The latest batch of Dry Hump Pale Ale is the best one yet. The Hop Aroma is strong and floral and can’t be missed. The flavor is also full of hoppy goodness with a touch of sweet maltiness. It could be just a little more bitter, but if I adjust the recipe I will be very careful not to repeat the “angry” bitterness of the previous batch. All in all, it’s an excellent Pale Ale for the summer.

The Raspberry Wheat is exactly as I described in in previous postings. A wheat beer with the flavor and tartness of raspberries. The raspberry flavor doesn’t overpower the beer and it isn’t sickenly sweet like so many other fruit beers, which we are very happy about. I’m very interested in what others think about it.

We bottled the Beerios on Sunday and we’ll be bottling the WeissBier on Thursday. So far it seems like this may be the best batch of the Beerios yet, but I’ll compare it with the last batch once it fully carbonates. Oh, and the ‘Beer Makes You Wii’ party is coming up. Drop me an email if you want the details.

– Chris

Weitzenbarfenstuf (No Comments)

I heard a *thunk* when I was sitting on the couch. I immediately turned to the cats who were both sleeping in a location where they couldn’t possibly have made the noise. I couldn’t figure out what it was until Chris and I went downstairs to check out the beer. The wheat had barfed all over itself.

Let me clarify for those of you who arent brewers; wheat has proteins in it. These proteins create this layer of spooge on top of the fermenter because they maintain the surface tension on the bubbles. It then can float into the fermentation lock and because the bubbles float slowly and eventually pop, they create clogs. Enough gas pressure gets stuck behind the clog and BOOM! You get protein bubble spooge everywhere. (This can be solved if you take your wife’s advice and put a blow off tube on the carboy, which would not clog and thus…).

So, we wiped the carboy up, put a new fermentation lock on, and put a clean towel around it. It is now on a diet of gingerale and saltines for a few days, but we expect it to make a full recovery.