Beer related home improvement and Beerios (No Comments)

This week we eagerly opened a bottle of the Beerio which promised to be the best batch yet. Right away we noticed a problem– it is flat, very very flat. We brought the beer upstairs hoping that keeping it at a warm temperature would carbonate it. This has almost convinced me that having a keg system would be a good thing (but I stand by my assertion that it would decrease beer variety which would be sad– unless of course we built a bar with multiple taps and a HUGE multi mini-keg kegerator…..).

Now for the home improvement– the shelves we would place beer dishes on were sagging quite a bit. Enough that we stopped drying carboys on them and really putting any *real* weight on them. Today we started working on building a new workbench for next to the sink. This should not only provide the proper support for beer dishes but may also be used for storage of beer related items. Is it bad to have a hobby you alter your house for?

 — Cindy

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