Running Late (No Comments)

Well, I finally ordered the ingredients for my Halloween brews. I’m getting to them a little later than I had originally planned, but I should be able to complete them all in time for the party on October 27th.

This year we will be making a Chocolate Stout, a Scotch Ale, an Strong IPA and our signature Beerios. We’ve decided not to do a Pumpkin Ale this year, because even though it is well received at the parties, it doesn’t go very quickly. There will be a few other beers left from earlier in the summer, but we’ve managed to go through a lot of beer this year so they won’t last through the party.

We may have a ‘Special Reserve’ tasting this year as well. We’d like to drink up some of our very old stock. I have saved a bottle or two from most of the batches of the last 18 months so that I could taste them side by side and take some notes. Obviously some of these may not be good anymore, but I feel it is worth the gamble to compare my various batches. I’ll post details later, most likely we will invite those who are interested to arrive a little early to taste these beer.

– Chris

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