Spent Grain Bread (No Comments)

One of the most logical bi-products of brewing (other than perhaps becoming a beer snob or developing a beer gut) is making spent grain bread. I have been working on my recipe for several months, but this last one is the best ever. I put spent grain in the sponge and leave it out overnight. Then I make the rest of the dough, add a bit more spent grain, some yeast, a lot of salt (the grain seems to suck it up), and a few tablespoons of a nice strong honey. It is awesome!

There was really only one problem. I am horrible at shaping bread. I have the football shaped loaf with the slit down the middle down, but anything else I try goes wrong. I tried to make a rustic shape where you flatten half of the loaf and fold it over the other half. This rose making the loaf look like a butt. When it was cut, it had one hollow cheek. This time I tried to make boules (round loaves) and did one with a box cut and one with an X. The X had random bumps everywhere and was really not round. The box cut turned into a blob with a small square oasis in the middle. Still at least the flavor was there. I took it to my niece’s birthday party where kids and adults alike loved the bread. Many of them said they thought it was from a professional bakery, although with my issues with loaf shaping I doubt this was truly the case. Perhaps I should start a bakery called misshapen loaves but then again folks would probably come to it for things other than bread.

I am making a few new loaves for home and am thinking about trying to create a recipe for spent grain pretzels!


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