Scotch Ale (No Comments)

Tonight we tasted the scotch ale which is one of several beers in the ‘Beer and Boos’ lineup. We went traditional on this one putting heather tips and peat smoked malt in it. Chris thinks we went a little heavy on the smoked malt. I had to look for the smoke flavor. The problem– both of us have colds so our noses and tastebuds may not be working properly. I have to say that the beer is by no means a failure, while at the moment I suspect we will change the recipe before the next batch, I also suspect that this is going to be a pretty awesome beer. And it is one of the first scotch ales I have had in awhile where I felt like it truly tasted like a scotch ale (rather than a misslabeled scottish). 

For the curious, the other beers in the ‘Beer and Boos’ lineup are a Double Chocolate and Coffee Stout, Beerio, A strong IPA, and whatever we have left over in the beer cellar. mmm.

By the way anyone have any naming suggestions?


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