Bottling – Day 1 (No Comments)

103 bottles of beer on the wall . . . actually, 103 more bottles. I’m a little behind with the beer for the Halloween Party, but as long as conditioning/carbonation goes well, it should all be ready in time.

Today I bottled the IPA and the Scotch Ale. I was a little disappointed by their final gravity, both came in at 1.030. They still fermented rather fully because they were high gravity beers to start, but I was hoping for a final gravity below 1.024. I suspect that they will both taste a little sweet as a result, but it is hard to tell without the carbonation.

The Scotch Ale isn’t quite as smokey as I had feared it would be after tasting it during the transfer over a week ago. It still has a little more smoke flavor and aroma than I would like, but it is not overpowering. The IPA on the other hand has an incredibly strong hop aroma from the Dry Hopping. I should have transferred it off the hops last week, but we were very busy. I like the aroma and flavor, but it doesn’t seem quite as balanced as it was in my last batch. I’ll post my final impressions after the beer carbonates and I can taste the two batches of this IPA side by side.

Finally, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t sent out the invite for the Halloween Party. I will try to send it out tomorrow, but no promises. For the two of you that read this blog, the Party will be at 7 on the 27th.

– Chris

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