Thanksgiving and Beer (No Comments)

On Thanksgiving after dinner was done and most of us were in a turkey induced coma, Chris and his brother started our Christmas ale. Our niece (a 7 year old who LOVES cooking) got involved in the gristing process despite that it can even tire a full grown adult. And the rest of the family drifted in and out of the kitchen asking questions about the whole process.

 The beer itself is composed of wheat malt, coriander, bitter orange, honey, hops, and trappist ale yeast. We have used this recipe before (last time adding a bit of juniper for the christmas flavor, this time leaving it out because of laziness…I mean food coma), however, the recent hops shortage has led to some creative improvisation. Pretty much the only hop we could get our hands on was French Striesselspalt which was listed as having alpha acids between 2-6.6. We ordered it like it was a 5 or 6 and it came as a 2.2. So the beer may well not be very bitter, but I find that holidays often lead to enough bitterness. Furthermore, it IS going to be mighty alcoholic the purpose of which is to remove said bitterness from the holiday season… So hopefully it will work out. And if it doesnt maybe we can bathe a ham in it or ourselves or something (like giving it to relatives who drink *shudder* bud light…).

 — Cindy

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