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I have finally started brewing this year, and it began with a Belgian Strong Ale. This is easily the highest gravity beer I have ever made and I expect the ABV to be around 10%. Unfortunately, all that malt in my little pot led to a couple of boil overs. The first one was bad. The worst boil over in a long time, but at least it all stayed on the top of the stove. The second was not nearly a bad, but very frustrating anyway.

On another note, I think it’s time to add a real logo to my beer and bottles (at least some of them) and I had a friend create a few samples. I’ll post some of my favorites and my thoughts over the next couple of weeks, but if you’d like to see them all, you can find them here:

Beer Label Logos (pops)

– Chris

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    1. eldan February 12th, 2008 at 1:28 am

      I like the first and last Beerios labels a lot.

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