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15 Gallons of Beer (No Comments)

That’s how much beer I currently have fermenting in Carboys. It’s not the most I have had going at one time, but it still seems like a lot. The Belgian Strong Ale is coming along, but its progress has slowed significantly. It started with a Specific Gravity of 1.112, which is really high, and it is currently at 1.060. That gives it a 7% ABV. I’m hoping to get it down around 1.030 for 10% ABV. I may need to be patient, or perhaps pitch a fresh round of yeast with a little extra nutrient.

Over the weekend, we brewed up a Munich Lager, using the same recipe as last year, with the exception of Hops. Everything gets cascade hops due to the shortage. We also brewed a Doppelbock that I am very excited about. I think this will be truer to the style than last year’s Schwartzbier. Although very tasty, the Schwartzbier was a little too thick for the style. That same quality is okay in a Doppelbock.

Now, onto labels, because I promised, or something. This is probably my favorite label:

HB Logo - Behind

I am considering changing the site (and brewery) from Harley House to Harley Brew, which is what the H and B are for. The bottle/bowl combination is obviously beerios, but I think I would use this as a label for the brewery, not the beer. Maybe the Brewery Logo should just be the H and B, but I don’t want another famous HB brewery to pop into peoples heads, I guess I could use the H and B for the brewery logo, and overlay the beer imagery for each different brew, but now I’m just rambling my thoughts. I wonder what my two readers think.

Oh, and I’m fairly certain that I need to create beers called “Hair of the Cat” and “Drunken Davey Brau”. Oooh, maybe I can put “Hair of the Cat” labels on the swill (crappy homemade wine) in my basement. 🙂

Finally, I have to thank my friend Jon for all of the hard work he put into these labels. He’s a talented artist and if you’re into that sort of thing, you should definitely check out his website at:

– Chris