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It’s official, we will be supplying a reasonably large quantity of beer for one of Cindy’s conferences this summer. As a result, I am brewing a few extra batches of beer to make sure there is enough. I’ll also need to decided on a label design and make the beer look presentable, if not professional.

To that end, 10 days ago we brewed a batch of Beerios and a batch of IPA. They finished primary fermentation and we’ll move them to the secondaries and dry hop the IPA this weekend. I went back to using a pound of Flaked Oats instead of Naked Oats in the Beerios. I’m hoping for better body and flavor as a result. I’m still using a pound of Oat malt as well.

We’ll also be brewing a couple more beers this weekend, and I ordered the ingredients for them this morning. I’ll be making a Rye Beer, a Porter of some sort, and another Raspberry Wheat. I suspect that not all of those will go to the conference, but it will be good to have options. This is my first time making a Rye beer, so we’ll see how it turns out.

Right now I have 25 gallons of beer in tanks. In early June, when all of these batches are complete, I will have about 40 gallons of beer in bottles (not counting my current stock). That’s close to 400 bottles, and we’ve only promised 100-ish to the conference. I may need some volunteers to help with the rest. 🙂

Oh, I’m also planning to make a Belgian Saison once the weather is a little warmer. Anyone who has tried the Saison Dupont will understand why I must brew one.

– Chris

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