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We did a little bottling over the weekend. We bottled the Munich Lager and finally got the lingering batch of Agave Mead into bottles as well. The Munich is going to be a wonderful lager and I am looking forward to trying a properly conditioned bottle next week. The Agave Mead is also good, very similar to the one I made a couple batches ago. So, why the title of Swill?

A little over a year ago, I tried my hand at making Grape Wine. I chose a Muscat concentrate from Williams, although I had never had muscat wine. I used the same process that I use for Mead, which produces a mead that everyone seems to love. I fermented it until it was ‘done’ and kept racking it until it was clear. Actually, I used some Sparkaloid after 6 months of racking because it wasn’t clearing up. Anyhow, I eventually bottled it and split the batch with my Brother.

After leaving it in the bottle for 6 months, I finally tasted it. It was awful. I thought it might get better with time, so I tried it again at Easter. Nope, still bad. It’s drinkable and doesn’t contain any of the off flavors that would normally accompany mold or bacterial contamination, but it tastes bad. It tastes a bit like altar wine, which leads me to the conclusion that I should have taken gravities a little more often near the end of fermentation and added some sulfites to stop fermentation at the appropriate time. I have since tried other muscat wines, and they are not nearly as harsh as my version. Anyhow, I don’t plan to try my hand at grape wine again and I have dubbed this stuff ‘Swill.’

This weekend I wanted to put some of the mead in some of my favorite wine bottles, so I had to move some of the swill into other bottles. I had a number of Champagne bottles that I can cap, so I moved 8 of the 11 bottles of swill into those. I was tempted to just pour the stuff out, but I have trouble wasting intoxicating beverages, even if they are bad. So, if anyone would like a whole lot of swill, you’re welcome to take some with you the next time we meet.

– Chris

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