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370 Bottles (No Comments)

We bottled the Rye Beer last night. It’s a good beer, rather plain and light in flavor with a dry finish and a hint of rye. I was hoping for something a little bolder, but I’m not sure that can be accomplish with extract brewing. I think I am going to call it Seven Seas and use this image in the label. We’ll see if that sticks, and we might not need a label for this one.

We now have 370 bottles of beer in the basement. That’s far more than we have ever had on hand before. Usually our stock tops out around 250 bottles just before our Halloween party. At the moment, we are only sending 144 bottle to the conference, so we’ll still have more than 200 bottles of beer. On top of all that, we still have to bottle the Belgian Strong Ale and we’ll be starting on the Raspberry Wheat and the other two beers that I would like to brew this summer.

– Chris

Girl Beer (No Comments)

The party on Saturday went well, and we collected about 60 bottles between donations and drinking. I think everyone enjoyed the BBQ Pulled Pork and there was plenty of food to go around.

We printed several of the labels that we are working on, and applied them to bottles to that everyone could see them. The amount of text is a lot less overwhelming on a bottle because you can’t see the whole thing at once.

As Cindy mentioned below, we still need naming ideas for some of our beers. One of the names that came out of the party was Liquid Love, which we’ll probably call the Chocolate Stout. Now I just need a good label idea for that one.

Here is another of our labels, the Raspberry Wheat beer. I really like this label , but I still need to fill in the flavor description, add the ABV, and switch the bottom text. Also, someone at the party pointed out that the ‘about us’ text has a typo. I’ll fix that soon.

Girl Beer

– Chris

Name that beer (No Comments)

Chris and I are still working on names and labels for the beers we are supplying to AMAM. We have posted a few labels here for you guys to see. We have a bunch more. My favorite is the grrl beer logo (and slogan ‘More beer than most ‘men’ can handle). However, we STILL have beer styles that need names:

  1. Munich Lager
  2. Porter
  3. Rye Beer

So, if you guys have any suggestions leave a comment. You never know it may be on the next label!

— Cindy

Mini Lhop (3 Comments)

I’ve renamed my Strong IPA from ‘Dry Hump’ to ‘Mini Lhop.’ The new name is a little less vulgar so I’m not quite as worried about serving it at the conference this summer or trying to explain the name to my parents. The label for Mini Lhop has a drawing of Fuzz Butt, our pet rabbit, who was a black ‘not so mini’ lop.

The label itself has a few changes. I added the ABV and the IBU and changed the ‘Brewed and Bottled by . . .’ section to show our web address instead. I like printing the ABV, but I’m not sure about the other change. Here is the IPA label, let me know what you think.

Fuzz Butt is alway pissed off, man.

Also, you can check out the updated Scotch Ale Label if you’d like.

– Chris

Harley Brewing (No Comments)

I have a new domain, Of course, I’ll be keeping the beerios domain and they will both point to the same place. You may notice some changes to the site over the next few weeks though. I’m going to change all of the Harley House stuff over to Harley Brewing. I’m also thinking about dropping the hotelharley domain. Eventually I need to update the wordpress theme to look a little nicer and make navigation easier, but that might not happen for along time. For now, re-branding is enough.

On the topic of branding, we’ve complete a few more labels and updated the Scotch Ale label. We’re trying to keep most of the label the same for each beer and only alter the main image and descriptions. Aside from the Scotch Ale, we’ll probably use the same fonts on each label as well. I’m not sure if I prefer the hand sketch labels from a friend of mine, or the solid lines of the images Cindy created. Thoughts?

I did change the ‘Insert some other crap . . .’ part of the label, but I tried to keep it a little snarky. Is the change good?

Here is the Beerios label with some of the template changes:

Beerios Label

I’ll post more labels as we make them and eventually create a gallery page for all of them.

– Chris