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I have a new domain, harleybrewing.com. Of course, I’ll be keeping the beerios domain and they will both point to the same place. You may notice some changes to the site over the next few weeks though. I’m going to change all of the Harley House stuff over to Harley Brewing. I’m also thinking about dropping the hotelharley domain. Eventually I need to update the wordpress theme to look a little nicer and make navigation easier, but that might not happen for along time. For now, re-branding is enough.

On the topic of branding, we’ve complete a few more labels and updated the Scotch Ale label. We’re trying to keep most of the label the same for each beer and only alter the main image and descriptions. Aside from the Scotch Ale, we’ll probably use the same fonts on each label as well. I’m not sure if I prefer the hand sketch labels from a friend of mine, or the solid lines of the images Cindy created. Thoughts?

I did change the ‘Insert some other crap . . .’ part of the label, but I tried to keep it a little snarky. Is the change good?

Here is the Beerios label with some of the template changes:

Beerios Label

I’ll post more labels as we make them and eventually create a gallery page for all of them.

– Chris

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