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The party on Saturday went well, and we collected about 60 bottles between donations and drinking. I think everyone enjoyed the BBQ Pulled Pork and there was plenty of food to go around.

We printed several of the labels that we are working on, and applied them to bottles to that everyone could see them. The amount of text is a lot less overwhelming on a bottle because you can’t see the whole thing at once.

As Cindy mentioned below, we still need naming ideas for some of our beers. One of the names that came out of the party was Liquid Love, which we’ll probably call the Chocolate Stout. Now I just need a good label idea for that one.

Here is another of our labels, the Raspberry Wheat beer. I really like this label , but I still need to fill in the flavor description, add the ABV, and switch the bottom text. Also, someone at the party pointed out that the ‘about us’ text has a typo. I’ll fix that soon.

Girl Beer

– Chris

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