370 Bottles (No Comments)

We bottled the Rye Beer last night. It’s a good beer, rather plain and light in flavor with a dry finish and a hint of rye. I was hoping for something a little bolder, but I’m not sure that can be accomplish with extract brewing. I think I am going to call it Seven Seas and use this image in the label. We’ll see if that sticks, and we might not need a label for this one.

We now have 370 bottles of beer in the basement. That’s far more than we have ever had on hand before. Usually our stock tops out around 250 bottles just before our Halloween party. At the moment, we are only sending 144 bottle to the conference, so we’ll still have more than 200 bottles of beer. On top of all that, we still have to bottle the Belgian Strong Ale and we’ll be starting on the Raspberry Wheat and the other two beers that I would like to brew this summer.

– Chris

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