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More Bottling (No Comments)

Last weekend I bottled the DoppelBock with a little help from my Brother. I think it’s going to be a wonderful beer once it carbonates and ages. This weekend, Cindy and I bottled the IPA and Beerios that we’re sending to the conference this summer. These aren’t very different from previous iterations, but I am beginning to wonder if my IPA should be a little more bitter. I certainly like it, but I have been drawn to more beers with 80+ IBU lately, and our is only 55. That’s still rather bitter for anyone not fond of the IPA. I did manage to get the color back to where I want it, which is good. In the beerios, we changed one of the oat additions from golden naked oats to flaked oat. I think the change is good, but I’ll hold back a couple of bottle to compare to the previous batch. Also, when I brew my next batch I think I am going to switch to malted oat instead of the flaked oats, just to compare the differences.

We racked the Porter and the Rye, which we plan to send to the conference as well. The Porter is exactly what I wanted, a dark slightly roasted beer with a light body. The Rye Beer tastes like beer. I didn’t really notice the rye flavor and other than that, it’s a rather plain beer. Not bad, but nothing special either. We’ll bottle these next weekend.

After all of that, we still have about 60 empties on the shelf thanks to friends and family who have given me bottles and drank a few of my beers. I still have 10 more gallons of beer to bottle for the conference, as well as 10 more gallons for personal use. That’s 200 bottles over the next 6 weeks, and I’ll be brewing another 100 bottles worth of beer in a few weeks. For now, I really just need another 40 bottles by Sunday for the Porter and the Rye Beer, but I could really use some more for those other batches.

To that end, we are having a small party this Saturday. We’ll be playing video games, emptying bottles, and hopefully feasting on some bbq pork sandwiches.

– Chris

First Label (1 Comment)

So, we’ve finally designed our first label. We’re not actually brewing a Scotch Ale for the conference this summer, but it seemed like a reasonable label to start with. It will probably become one of our staple beers, but I may have to back off on the smoke a little bit. We’ll see how well received a less smokey Scotch Ale is at the end of the summer.

Here is the label:
Scotch Ale Label

Any thoughts from our 2 readers?

– Chris