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As always, summer brought a slew of activities which have led to a short break in all brewing activity. Well, we finally got back to brewing this weekend.

On Saturday we bottled the Belgian strong ale, which is still incredibly sweet. The champagne yeast never really took off and I was too engrossed in making the other beers to give the proper amount of attention to the stuck fermentation problem. We bottled it at 1.054, which is a good starting gravity for most beer. Even so, it has an alcohol level of almost 8%. Hopefully it carbonates well but doesn’t continue to ferment and break bottles. I think we’ll be watching this one closely

On Sunday we brewed a Raspberry Wheat, which has been officially dubbed the grrrl beer.We liked this one last year, so we are using the same recipe except for substituting Cascade Hops for the Streisselspalt because of the availability.

While were were shelving the Belgian, Cindy noticed that a couple bottles of Swill were leaking from their caps. When we opened them they foamed like champagne, which is never good. A few months ago I transferred several bottles of the swill from corked wine bottles to capped champagne bottles because I wanted the wine bottles for mead. I am fairly certain that is when the problems began. The Swill was still good at the time, but I wasn’t very gentle with it and I let a lot of air get in. We decided to pour out all six of the capped bottles and 4 had obviously gone bad. I still have 4 corked bottles of Swill and none of them show any signs of contamination.

This week, I plan to order ingredients for Beerios and a Farmhouse Ale. After that I will start putting together a list of beers to brew for Halloween. If my two readers have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Right now I am considering a subset of the following beers which have been popular in the past: Scotch Ale, Chocolate Stout, Pumpkin Ale, and IPA. I probably won’t have the time or the bottles to make them all before Halloween.

– Chris