Last Party and Moving (1 Comment)

We had our last house party two weeks ago, and we have moved to an apartment for the summer. The party went well and we drank through 56 bottles of beer. We still have 5 cases of beer and 1.5 cases of mead. We need to drink them up before the big move across the country.

The Scotch Ale has definitely turned out well, but it’s still a little flat. The Beerios and IPA have conditioned well. The IPA seems a little sweet to me and I will reduce the malt by 2 pounds for the next batch. I think that will make it a little dryer and balance the sweetness with the bitterness. Scotch Ale also seems a little sweet, but that will improve with age if it fully carbonates.

This page is bound to be a little quieter than usual over the next few months. I;m not planning to brew again until we’ve moved to California. Once we’ve moved I will have to learn how to brew in a small space and the number of batches I produce will certainly be reduced.

– Chris

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    1. Jim the Wine Cyclist May 29th, 2009 at 9:50 am

      I actually enjoyed the sweetness of the IPA. It’s not a style of beer I’m usually all that into, but I gave it a go and found the hoppiness well balanced by the sweetness. Maybe that’s just my taste, though.

      And, uh, if you need more mead taken off of your hands, I’m around until Sunday. 😉

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