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Brewing Again (No Comments)

As most of you know, we moved across the country and into a smaller space at the end of the summer. Unfortunately, this means that most of my brewing supplies are now in storage. However, I kept enough to brew one batch at a time and I’ve finally gotten around to ordering supplies for my next batch. We’re not traveling this year, so I’m going to brew a batch of Beerios Nut Brown Ale over the Holidays. It should be ready in time for the Super Bowl and the Olympics.

I have two problems though. The first is that I didn’t bring any empty bottles with me. So, I need to get 55 beer bottles before mid January. This might be a good problem to have, because I usually get empty bottles by drinking the beer from full ones. I also need to find friends willing to help me drink the beer, but free (and tasty) beer usually solves that problem for me.

I still have plans to update the website with a new look, and I’ve been checking out different WordPress Themes to use. I’d like to still have some orange (or copper) color in the site design, but I’m looking for a cleaner and perhaps more professional look and feel. If you any theme suggestions, or other design suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them.

Finally, I’d really like to publish all of my beer recipes to this website eventually. I started working on developing my own recipe calculator to accomplish that, but then I recently started working again and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it. In the mean time, I will try to find another program for creating html recipe pages that I can post on the website.

– Chris