About Us

It’s Beer. Hooray Beer!

Harley Brewing is dedicated to making quality products with the choicest ingredients. Just like everyone else, so stop reading this and start trying the beers to see if like them. Read on if you must.

The tanks are never empty in the Brewery, something is always fermenting, settling, or aging. Each year we produce 12 high quality beers with recipes as old as the Brewery. Okay, so the recipes aren’t that old, but the beers are very good. The ingredients are the best, and the process has been refined to produce some great beers. Head over to the Beer List to see what we have available this month. Supplies are limited, so get to the tasting room before we run out.

The Tasting Room is available by appointment only, but our schedule is pretty flexible so drop us a line and let us when you’ll be here. Or you can check out the News Page to find out when we’re hosting our next public event.

– Chris