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Rising Beer Prices (No Comments)

I was recently notified of a hops shortage by my ‘suppliers’. The 2006 crop has been mostly depleted and the 2007 crop isn’t quite ready for shipping. It should be over soon, but I’ve also been reading about increased malt prices because farmers are switching to planting corn for ethanol production.

Here is a short overview, but there are plenty of other articles out there.

– Chris

Old Chub Lip Balm (No Comments)

 Enough of bubblegum, fruit punch, peppermint, etc! Williams Brewing has started selling scottish ale flavored lip balm (with spf). I dont know about you guys but I would totally kiss that.


Sprecher Brewing Company (2 Comments)

We had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend in Wisconsin with Cindy’s Parents and some of my oldest and dearest friends. One of them is getting married next month and this was his chance to forget all of his worries for a little while. Anyhow, we visited the Sprecher Brewing Company, and although I have had plenty of their beer in the past, this was the first time I had been to their facility. I was impressed. They aren’t as big as the Great Lake Brewing Company, but they make a number of wonderful beers, primarily European Styles, and produce some of the best root beer in the land.

In addition, I sampled a couple of the other local brews that I think are particularly good. I recommend trying the Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing Company and the Oktoberfest from Capital Brewery was also very good. The spotted cow is a good example of a Farmhouse Ale and goes own nice and easy in the summer months. Finally, I can’t let a Winsconsin beer post go by without mentioning Leinenkugel. They are a larger brewery, now owned by Miller, but I generally recommend their Creamy Dark Ale.

– Chris

Wine-ing about Beer (No Comments)

I spent the weekend in the Finger Lakes region of New York, and as you might expect I tasted a lot of good (and bad) wine. It was the weekend of the Finger Lakes Wine Festival, so much fun was had by all. The most unexpected thing was the number of Breweries in the area. I didn’t make it to the many (I was there for Wine), but I did hit a couple and I was incredibly disappointed in my findings.

The first stop was Market Street Brewing Company in Corning, New York. What can I say, I wouldn’t go back for the beer because the offerings seemed like amateur work. I ordered the sampler and they served me 6 beers, I forgot the names, but I remember the styles. Their lager was palatable, but had a lot of yeast esthers and an unpleasant funk. The red ale was very drinkable, but nothing special. The pale ale was a one note beer. It was reasonably bitter, but lacked hop flavor and aroma and everything else. The belgian white was just plain awful. It was thick and yeasty and banana flavored, with a hint of citrus. The experience was similar to a hefeweizen served with banana nectar, which can be good, but I wouldn’t call it a Belgian White. They had a Dark Beer on offer that was reasonably tasty. Good maltiness and color, but there was considerable alcohol flavor and sourness for only 6.5% and it was quite a bit on the burnt side. Finally, they served an excellent BlackBerry Beer. It was a rather light concoction made with real fruit and not too sweet. The fruit flavor was not overpowering and plenty of maltiness still came through.

The second brewery we visited was Rooster Fish in Watkins Glen, NY. They make a nut brown that looks like a porter and tastes like chewing on roasted barley and black patent malt. Burnt flavors were a theme this weekend, as even their mysterious amber ale was a little on the roasted side. I didn’t mind at first, but by the end of the pint I was ready for something completely different. They offer a Blond Ale that is light and goes down easy. They also offer the HopWarrior IPA, which was a very bitter IPA with a solid malty foundation and good hop flavors. I could have drank those two all night, but the HopWarrior IPA tap ran dry as did the ordinary Pale Ale Tap (before I could try it). Finally, I tried out the Summer Wheat Beer on offer. It was decent, but had a very powerful banana flavor. Considering how bland my last wheat turned out, I’d love to know where they got that yeast from.

Apparently wine tasting makes me hyper critical of everything I taste. I shall now return to using a much simpler ‘It doesn’t suck’ method of choosing my drinks.

– Chris

Hands free beer device!! (1 Comment)

 There are days that I wish I could do a little more of that domestic stuff. Recently I tried to make curtains and shouted the f-word no less than 52 times. My mom in an attempt to teach me to use the machine took a sharpie to it and labelled each and every knob. I am pretty sure that despite this I am a hopeless seamstress. I had never intended to touch the machine again until chris sent me a picture of this.


Now I am pretty sure I am going to have to learn to sew such that all of our shirts can have a beer pocket. I could probably do less work and put it on a pair of pants but that……might……..look…………funny– especially if it is located front and center. Yup better stay with the shirt.