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Cooking video (No Comments)

I know we have not updated the site in awhile. This is partially due to a move across the country, the craziness related to the move, and mostly the decrease in our brewing capacity now that we are in a small apartment.

One of the things that got us into brewing in the first place is that both Chris and I love to cook. This love for cooking has recently led us to compete in a national cooking video competition.

If you would like to watch our video please follow this link:

To vote for our video login to youtube (with either a youtube login, a gmail login, or a facebook login) and like the video. Feel free to send it to your friends or try the recipe.

Updates (No Comments)

So it has been a long time since we have updated. Things have been changing here at the brewery. We knew we would have to relocate and that that would not necessarily be within the states. As such, we are slowing down our brewing as to not have a lot of stock to move when the time comes. We have recently found out that our new location will be in sunny Pasadena, Ca. And we couldnt be more excited.

So, in the spirit, we are brewing again (though not at our usual rate). We just made a batch of our scotch ale.  We followed the recipe from last time except that we reduced the peat smoked moss and did not add a finishing hop. We havent tasted it yet, so, more about that later.


Pumpkin Ale and Hurricanes and Stuff (No Comments)

I was walking through the store on Monday and noticed that several breweries had already released their pumpkin ales. I’m always curious about them, but seldom pleased with the results of other breweries pumpkin ales. Usually I find them to have to much cinnamon or to be lackluster in other ways. Anyhow, I was primarily surprised to see them in August because I consider them a fall or October beer. I plan to brew a Pumpkin Ale soon, but it won’t be ready until early October. Will Christmas Ales start showing up around Halloween now?

In other news, and there is a lot of it, life has been interesting around here. We spent last week on Vacation in Grand Cayman. The local brewery has changed hands and is now called CayBrew and the beer has improved a bit. Unfortunately, they only offer a lager and although better than before it is still not quite as good as Red Stripe which is practically a local brew down there. I’m not sure if my two readers are aware, but a Hurricane just went through the Caribbean. Fortunately, we got off the island just in time, but it made the last couple of days of our vacation very tense.

While we were down there, the GFI outlet that our refrigerator is plugged into tripped and we lost all of the food in our fridge and freezer. Apparently the outlet is going bad. Fortunately, our neighbors are saints and cleaned up the worst of the mess and only left the less than smelly food for us to throw out. They noticed the problem when the melting popsicles pooled on the floor and I can only imagine how bad the smell of rotting food was. They said the once-frozen bag of shrimp was fizzing, which is never good.

And in the minor nuisance category, our Media Center is acting up and refuses to run with the Graphics Card installed. I tested the card in another system and it does not seem to be bad, so I am going to try all sorts of driver updates and such to see if I can fix it. I hate mysterious issues like this. Anyhow, we can watch TV on a Monitor and DVD’s through the Playstation, so we’ll get along okay until it is fixed.

I think that’s enough for now, I’ll update again when I get around to ordering brewing supplies, which should be soon.

– Chris

Beer is Golden (No Comments)

Actually, Silence is Golden and there has been a lot of that around here lately. Life has been busy lately. We haven’t had a free weekend in a month and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change for a while. The ‘Beer Makes you Wii’ party went well. We had plenty of beer, lots of sausages, and even a smoked pork shoulder that turned out reasonably well. Oh, and there was much video game playing.

Not much going on in the Brewery at the moment, we’ve reached our summer break. The Beerios is still maturing, hopefully it won’t be flat forever. I’m going to do some Wine Tasting in the Finger Lakes region soon, and I might be headed to the Ommegang Brewery as well, but the details are all up in the air. Anyhow, it should be fun.

We’ll resume brewing in August, so the site may be a little quiet until then. We still have plenty of beer to get us through the next couple of months.

– Chris

Beer related home improvement and Beerios (No Comments)

This week we eagerly opened a bottle of the Beerio which promised to be the best batch yet. Right away we noticed a problem– it is flat, very very flat. We brought the beer upstairs hoping that keeping it at a warm temperature would carbonate it. This has almost convinced me that having a keg system would be a good thing (but I stand by my assertion that it would decrease beer variety which would be sad– unless of course we built a bar with multiple taps and a HUGE multi mini-keg kegerator…..).

Now for the home improvement– the shelves we would place beer dishes on were sagging quite a bit. Enough that we stopped drying carboys on them and really putting any *real* weight on them. Today we started working on building a new workbench for next to the sink. This should not only provide the proper support for beer dishes but may also be used for storage of beer related items. Is it bad to have a hobby you alter your house for?

 — Cindy